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Action words - three simple, yet powerful words that John incorporates in his day to day life, both personally and professionally.  And if you have ever met John, you would know that he believes that you should never complain about anything you’re not willing to do something about.  And so, the story begins…

John has lived in Sandoval County, NM for 26 years. He is a life long Republican and common sense conservative.  The first U.S. President he had the privilege of voting for was President Ronald Reagan, and the most recent was President Trump.  He came to New Mexico in 1994 to start a window covering fabrication, retail and commercial business in Albuquerque, (JC Blinds), and to live a dream in a place he believes has the most breathtaking sunsets and best weather in the nation.  He is married to Jeanette, has 3 children, 2 step children, and 4 granddaughters. When he begins and ends his day, engages in intellectual conversation with his Yellow-Nape Parrot, Olive, as he peruses the news of the day. John is an outdoor enthusiast, an avid mountain biker and skier.  John's faith in God is principal, and has guided him and helped him live an intentional and purposeful life. Through happy times and challenging times, his faith has given him strength to face life’s battles and the courage to fight the good fight. 


John, born in Nashville TN, comes from a lineage of Publishers & Architects who were instrumental in defining and building our nation since the late 1700’s.  As a child, John’s Parents and Grandparents instilled in him a strong work ethic and a respect for our nation and the people who worked hard to pave the path for freedom so that all citizens could live the American Dream and enjoy the great republic that it is.  John’s father served our country as a Pilot in WWII, and His Grandparents, co-owners of the Nashville Banner, imparted knowledge about what makes respectable news and politics, while his Father’s Dad taught him about what it takes to build and develop city structures that would stand the test of time.  John understands that if you don’t take care of where you live, where you live won’t take care of you.


John earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at the University of Northern Colorado, in which he served as a legislative intern for Colorado State Senator, Al Meiklejohn. Being drawn to the business world, John ventured into the Window Covering Industry, wherein he progressed and eventually attained status as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Ammglo Distributors Inc., and then Regional Manager of Turnils, Inc., both, subsidiary companies of Hunter Douglas, Inc.  John developed much of his business acumen and perspicuity, by learning from the ground up; from development and innovation solutions for sales and marketing, facilitating the manufacturing of goods, to driving sales and motivating the teams of people within the companies.

His business in NM has succeeded for 26 years in spite of the highs and lows of the changing economy, due to his hard work, the golden rule, conserving resources, and adjusting his business model during challenging times.  John’s business has held a prominent rating on Angie’s List, Google & Yelp.   He believes you should always be and do your best, and work hard to earn the trust of others.  John is not a politician; he is a business and family man that doesn’t want partisan politics in government to manipulate and control our businesses, schools, liberties, rights, families, communities and our state.  John is Pro-Life, Pro-2nd Ammendment, and will fight for and defend the unalienable Rights and Liberties of our citizens. He genuinely believes that he can help make an exceptional difference for New Mexicans.




“Our State Government should run like a fair and honorable business, yet it has failed New Mexicans time and again; it is riddled with cancerous problems that are seemingly impossible to rectify.  However, as a businessman and a common sense conservative, I will hit the reset button and use my effective and proven business experience to help get our state back on track to a healthy place, a stronger economy, and no longer 'worst' on the national average list for violent crime, education, poverty, places to raise children, places to live and retire, etc.– we need policies that put New Mexicans first. I talk with people every day, and overall, they are deeply concerned about the direction our beautiful state is headed.  New Mexicans say they want to step up and fight against this anti-American movement, but feel defenseless, voiceless, and don’t know how or where to begin.  I accept the volunteer duty of standing in the gap for New Mexicans, become a strong, effective voice in the Senate and commit to do the work we need and want For a Safer, Stronger New Mexico."

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